16 December 2018 / Team News

Emlyn Win in the Rain


Storm Deirdre arrived at a couple of hours before kick-off sending strong gusts and driving rain the length of the Dôl Wiber from the Carmarthen Road end. The conditions would not suit Emlyn’s usual style and playing into the strong wind would present an added challenge.

The Red and Whites kicked-off and Cardiff Met ran the ball back at them, the attack braking down with a knock on. The Emlyn pack would have been pleased with the pressure they were able to exert in the first scrum, winning the ball cleanly. The kickers were struggling with the conditions and the ball went out on the full handing the advantage back to the visitors.

Cardiff Met attacked again, skilfully moving the ball through the hands from the lineout and were awarded a penalty when Emlyn infringed in the tackle area. The visitors’ outside half, Russell Bennet stepped forward and took them into the lead with 7 minutes on the clock.

The Red and Whites chased well from the restart winning a penalty, but the kick went wide in the blustery conditions.

It was now Cardiff Met’s turn to attack and they were rewarded with a penalty for side entry which they kicked to the corner. Emlyn were again penalised this time for not rolling away. The visitors found touch but an overthrow in the lineout allowed the Red and Whites to regain possession and clear.

The students lost the ball forward in the lineout, Emlyn were again comfortable in the scrum with the forwards carrying the ball to the halfway line before a kick went in. The visitors returned the ball with the boot but were penalised as one of their chasers was in front of the kicker.

The Emlyn penalty did not find touch and was eventually cleared by the students.  When the home team kicked it back the Red and White forwards gathered the ball and carried up the field. The attack broke down when the ball was knocked on, a theme of the afternoon. Emlyn again pressurised the visitors’ scrum, but they eventually cleared to touch.

The Red and White forwards set up a rolling maul from the lineout and moved the ball through phase after phase but the excellent Cardiff Met defensive line held firm and eventually getting their hands on the ball.

Emlyn attacked the Cardiff Met scrum regaining posession but losing it forward yet again. The home team were penalised for hands in the ruck allowing the students to clear their lines.

Cardiff Met won a penalty from the lineout drive, but Emlyn regained possession. The ball changed hands several times due to errors in the horrendous conditions with the Red and Whites eventually being awarded a scrum on halfway. The forwards carried the ball through several phases before a break by number 8 Brynmor Jones made some 15 metres allowing the forwards to go again. The ball was knocked on, but the students infringed in the scrum giving Emlyn a free kick. Taken quickly by scrum half Dafydd Evans the forwards carried through several phases before it went through the hands and centre Steff Evans crossed under the posts. When the try was converted by full back Sean Leonard, referee Richard Brace from Maesteg blew up for half time with Emlyn leading 7-3.

Following the restart, the ball was kicked to touch several times by both sides. The Cardiff Met lineout had functioned well throughout the match and they were able to win ball against the throw and clear to touch.

Emlyn moved the ball from the lineout and with the strong wind now behind him full back Leonard kicked long to the corner. The Cardiff Met clearance was touched in flight giving Emlyn the throw in. The ball was driven forward to the visitors’ 22 metre line and carried through several phases before flanker Calum Evans crossed for the home side's second try, converted by Leonard and taking Emlyn further into the lead, 14-3.

Leonard put in a long kick which was returned on the full giving Emlyn a lineout on the visitors’ 10m line. The lineout won, the Red and Whites kicked forward, and the students scrambled to regather the ball. The Emlyn forwards arrived quickly regaining possession and taking the ball forward with some powerful drives ending when second row Bleddyn Davies crossed for a try taking the score to 19-3 after 15 minutes of the second half.

Cardiff Met were awarded a free kick from a scrum and put in a high kick which was knocked on by Emlyn. Lewys Jonathan had replaced prop Ifan James but the Red and White scrum had not been weakened by the change and powered forward. Flanker Calum Evans regained possession and passed to Leonard who put in another long kick to touch.

The students’ kick from the lineout went out on the full but they regained possession at the next one. Their clearing kick, which failed to find touch, was caught by Emlyn captain, Alex Williams and passed to winger Llŷr Davies who put in a kick over the try line. The chase to ground the ball was won by Cardiff Met.

Full back Leonard made excellent use of the conditions returning the visitors’ clearances with long kicks and forcing them to carry from deep time after time.

Cardiff Met won a penalty when Emlyn failed to bind in the scrum and cleared their lines. The ball did not find touch and another long kick from Leonard resulted in a knock on. The Emlyn scrum was now dominant, driving the visitors back. Mike Jones who had replaced Dafydd Evans at scrum half moved the ball through the hands, but the visitors’ defensive line was ready and outside half Russell Bennet made the interception, running the length of the field and scoring the students’ first try under the posts. He kicked the conversion and after 25 minutes of the second half the visitors were back in the game at 19-10.

Cardiff Met attacked again after the restart, but the Emlyn forwards were now on top and turned the ball over. This time it was moved across the field through the hands with winger Llŷr Jones finishing the move by crossing in the corner for Emlyn’s bonus point try, taking the score to 24-10.

Following an injury to Steff Evans, forward Gareth Thomson took the field in the unfamiliar position of centre.

A kick by Mike Jones was run back at Emlyn, the forwards again managed to turn the ball over, but it was lost with another knock on. The Red and Whites regained possession from the scrum, but Cardiff Met were awarded a penalty for holding on. The kick did not find touch and was caught by Mike Jones which allowed Calum Evans to drive forward, the ball was taken through several phases before prop Emrys Davies went on a powerful charge, ending when the ball was lost forward again. Hard working flanker Evans was replaced by Lee Griffiths.

As the rained stopped Cardiff Met were awarded another scrum. The Red and White forwards powered through winning possession and carried the ball through several phases before second row Osian Davies crossed for Emlyn’s fifth try. Leonard’s conversion took the score to 31-10 as the half came to an end.

The students were awarded a penalty when Emlyn interfered with a jumper in the lineout. When their attack broke down Mike Jones hacked through to start another move which again ended with a knock on. A Cardiff Met penalty failed to find touch and was cleared by Leonard bringing the game to an end.

Having now won two games at Dôl Wiber the Red and Whites will be hoping that the improvement in form continues and that they can get something out of the next difficult away fixture at Narberth.

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